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a diverse group of individuals, arms raised in worship, with expressions of joy and passio


"So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace."
- Romans 11:5

Saturday, July 1, 2023
Irving, TX


This year's Dare 2 Be Bold Conference centers on the profound journey of "Healing the Remnant Woman". This event is dedicated to the courageous few who strive to reclaim their freedom amidst life's trials and tribulations. Our purpose is to provide you with an atmosphere where you can relish in opportunities for nourishment and fellowship, all thoughtfully curated to empower women in embracing their inherent completeness. Together, we will embark on a bold path, unwavering in our devotion to Jesus Christ.

If you yearn to transcend fear and complacency, stepping resolutely into your God-given purpose with unwavering courage and confidence, this is an event not to be missed. Secure your spot by registering today!

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 Meet your Host

Meet Nina Barnett, founder and B.O.L.D. Bible Study teacher of Fade2Bold. With a heart devoted to helping busy professional women, live faith-filled lives through biblical truth. With DARE 2 BE BOLD she has brought together the best leaders and teachers to help with women cope with the difficulties of life. 

The culture cultivated in this space is safe and primed to equip believers with what they need to live life on purpose, and in purpose, through Jesus Christ.


Brace yourself for an extraordinary lineup of guest speakers who are leaders in their fields. They will share profound wisdom and insights to help you grow in your relationship with Christ. Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and equipped to live boldly for God.


Nina Barnett


Daniel McClendon


Natrietia McClendon


Candis Moore

Worship Leader
Calandra Williams.jpg

Calandra Williams


NaKeisha Dawkins

Mental Health Advocate

T'Edra Knox.JPG

T'Edra Knox



Dr. Kristina Coleman



Zalmenta Harris



Loraine Newsome

Certified Biblical Counselor

Order of Events

11:30 AM CT

Opening Prayer
Evangelist Calandra Williams

12:15 PM CT

Welcome & Introductions
NaKeisha Dawkins & T'Edra Knox

12:40 PM CT

Overcoming Fear
Dr. Kristina Coleman
Evangelist Calandra Williams
Servant Zalmenta Harris
Lady Loraine Newsome


Welcome Back
NaKeisha Dawkins & T'Edra Knox

3:15 PM CT

Candis Moore, Worship Leader

3:50 PM CT

Closing Remarks, Prayer &
Altar Call

Doors Open

12 PM CT

Praise & Worship
Candis Moore, Worship Leader

12:30 PM CT

Breaking Up with Brokeness
Teacher Nina Barnett

1:15 PM CT

Lunch (will be provided)

3:05 PM CT

Lifeclass: Living Life Unmuzzled
Apostle Natrietia McClendon

3:45 PM CT

Disrupting the Identity Crisis
Apostle Daniel McClendon

4:35 PM CT


Where will DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. Conference 2023 take place? This year's DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. Conference will take place at Irving Fine Arts Academy located at 3007 Skyway Circle North, Irving,Texas 75038.

What date and times will DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. Conference take place? DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. 2023 will take place Saturday, July 1, 2023, from 12PM CT - 5PM CT.

Are there volunteer opportunities for the DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. Conference 2023? Yes, we are currently accepting volunteers. Please register & submit the Volunteer Sign Up form (see event details for the link).

Can children attend the DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. Conference 2023, and will childcare be available? Children ages five and up can attend the conference but must be registered. We do not provide childcare; therefore, children must be under parental supervision at all times.

What are the COVID-19 measures in place for the event? The DARE 2 BE B.O.L.D. Conference will follow local and CDC health and safety protocols.

Will you be taking photos and videos? Yes! In addition to allowing attendees to take their photos at the Dare 2 Be Bold Conference, photographers and videographers will also capture moments throughout the day to document this unique event for press, and social media. This event will not be live streamed.

What is the refund policy? All funds received will go back to community projects and initiatives, hosting additional conferences and gatherings, and supporting our speakers. Funds are non-refundable and non-transferable will be considered as a donation if you are unable to attend.

Will Dare 2 Be B.O.L.D. 2023 be streamed live? Dare 2 Be B.O.L.D. 2023 will not be streamed live but you can still register to receive an on-demand recording.

What Our Community Says...

"What a treasure Fade2Bold is. There's a wealth of resources from books to blogs, Bible Studies filled with sound doctrine, encouragement, community, prayer, and unity. Teacher Nina is not afraid to get her hands dirty. I have no doubt DARE 2 BE BOLD 2023 will be everything she has faithfully labored for it to be."

Robert Rose

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10601 Clarence Dr Ste 250

Frisco, TX 75033-3867


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We want to join you on your journey to healing and BOLDNESS.

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