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About Us

Fade2Bold is a community created to GALVANIZE believers in the Body of Christ to walk in Holy boldness. We possess a passion to build bold believers in biblical truth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build bold believers in biblical truth. By doing so we equip people to wield the sword of the spirit of truth against the forces that attempt to keep them from walking boldly in their calling with Christ.  

Grow Deeper

Our key initiatives include Bible Studies, Workshops, On Demand Courses, and Conferences.

We are a community of believers who believe in doing life together. 


Our Core Goals

  1. Be examples of our beliefs by glorifying God in all we do. 

  2. Carry out Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).​

  3. Create biblically based online resources and content that: 

  • Proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

  • Helps others understand the Bible and how to apply it to their lives,

  • Helps others grow in godly wisdom, discernment and Holy boldness, and

  • Point people back to God, His word and truth in their day-to-day lives.

We believe...

In one Almighty God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and...

The Son, Jesus Christ is the light of the World, begotten of the Father, not made. Through Him, all things were made. He came down from heaven as fully God and fully man.

Likewise, we believe Jesus is the Messiah who came to save sinners, offering Himself as a sacrifice for all who put their faith in Him. Though He did not sin, He was crucified on the cross at calvary to take on the wrath of God, for the sins of mankind. He was beaten. He was bruised. He suffered, he died, was buried, and rose from the dead for our justification.

When He rose He conquered sin, death and hell once and for all. He also ascended to heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father making intercession for us.

He will return again with glory to judge the living and the dead. By grace, through faith in Christ alone we are given the gift of salvation and declared righteous in His sight. As a result, we are made children of God.

When we put our faith in Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit, Who opens our eyes to truth, enables us to understand Scripture and walk according to the ways of God.

The Bible is the complete written word of God. That is to say, it is His divine revelation. Consequently, it is without error, carrying the full weight of His authority.

Statement of Faith




We've been there.


Community is vital in Christianity. This is not an optional part of our walk. When we are in close relationships with other believers, we have people to pray for us, support us, encourage us, exhort us and serve alongside us (Hebrews 10:25).


#LetsGrowDeeper, TOGETHER.

Amazing things happen when people come into agreement. It's a principle directly from God's Word. At Fade2Bold we are dedicated to praying in unity with people, just like you, who desire to see the Holy Spirit's miracle-working power unleashed. Through Jesus Christ it is our prayer right now that you see God's supernatural power at work in your life and in the lives of those connected to you. Complete the form below and we will join with you and intercede for your specific need.

**Please note your prayer requests will be kept confidential and will only be seen by the Fade2Bold Prayer team.**

Prayer Request

2 Timothy 2:1-2

Woman Praying by Diana Simumpande

Thank you for entrusting us with your prayer request.
Our intercessors will be in contact with you soon. 

Nina Barnett
Founder, Fade2Bold

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