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BOLD initiative


Our Bible based community is a co-ed gathering of BOLD believers committed to growing deeper in the word of God. We meet monthly in a virtual forum created to support God's people in walking in Holy Boldness on their journey with Christ. We cover a variety of topics to teach, equip and activate you in understanding your identity in Christ and the work you have been created to do.


You can register for automated notifications by visiting the EVENTS page and to confirm your local start time.

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BOLD initiative

Dare 2 Be BOLD 

Healing the Remnant Woman


This year's Dare 2 Be Bold Conference centered around the profound journey of the Remnant Woman. This event focused on the courageous women who strive to reclaim their freedom amidst life's trials and tribulations. The Fade2Bold team provided an atmosphere where men and women from around the country relished in being nourished by sound teachings, fellowship, prayer, worship, and praise. 


Together, we embarked on a bold path, unwavering in our devotion to Jesus Christ.

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BOLD initiative

Intercessory Prayer 101 Training

This on demand workshop is an introduction to the concept of intercessory prayer, emphasizing its significance in the Christian faith. It highlights the role of an intercessor as a bridge between God and humanity, seeking divine intervention for various needs and concerns. This introduction sets the tone for participants to understand the responsibility and privilege of intercession.

Image by Caique Nascimento
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