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T'Edra Knox

Co- Mistress of Ceremony

T’Edra Z. Knox is a wife, visionary, speaker, coach, and author. She operates in her purpose by guiding individuals to live a CROWNED life through spiritual, personal, and career development.

Her training, facilitation, and execution methodologies have helped individuals, from entry-level to mid-level employees, as well as local ministries and organizations. She provides engaging methods with a motivational and transformative message. Her ultimate goal is to move you to do the work that will allow you to align with the assignment in your life.  


If you catch her with a Bible, jewels in her heart, and a message in her mind, you will understand why people seek her to drop gems of wisdom and knowledge. T’Edra is a conference speaker, training and seminar facilitator, panel moderator and panelist, and thought leader on personal, professional, and spiritual development topics. Whether speaking to a business crowd on career growth or discussing personal development at a women’s event, she effectively breaks down complex problems into bite-sized information that the audience can understand and implement. 

T’Edra is a Baton Rouge, LA native with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Management from Paul Quinn College in Dallas, TX, and a Master of Science in Human Resources from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Her desire to teach others how to live a CROWNED life without competing, comparing, or compromising their calling prompted her to start KingssKid. This organization offers blogs, training, coaching, and events. Her favorite saying is, “Dr. Dre drops beats. I drop jewels (of knowledge and wisdom).”

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