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Apostle Daniel McClendon


Apostle Daniel McClendon is the visionary and founder of Daniel McClendon Ministries and Revolution Church in Lancaster, CA. He is a revelatory Teacher, Pastor, Prophet, and Life Coach. He bridges the word of God to contemporary issues, language, and culture, making it relevant to our modern-day Christian experience. He counsels leading voices in ministry, business, government, and media. His unique grasp of the word of God refreshes, restores, and reveals truth like no other.

Apostle Daniel McClendon is passionate about marriage and family. As a husband and father of four, he carries a wealth of wisdom and sensitivity to issues challenging the modern family. 

Apostle Daniel McClendon has over twenty years of experience in the gospel serving in various ministries, traveling throughout Southern California, declaring God’s word, and teaching biblical principles. He was ordained and commissioned as an Apostle by his spiritual parents, Apostles Alexander and Ibelize Pagani of Amazing Church Global, in August 2021. 

Today, he and his wife, Apostle Natrietia McClendon of 23 years, serve their local and online community through revelatory teaching, mentoring, counseling, and global outreach. 

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