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The Rise of Remnant Woman: A Poetic Journey

A Poem by Nina B.

Roughly seven years ago, I was on a flight and began journaling. I've always found that my heaviest downloads come when my feet are off the ground. In other words, when I have the least amount of control in a situation, the Holy Spirit speaks to me clearly. If you want to know how Healing the Remnant Woman came to be, this is its origin.

"We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed—"
2 Corinthians 4:8-9

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

For years she’s been buried but remained uncompromising to the truth of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She’s coming out of the cave knowing exactly who she is and what she’s been created to do. She’s unapologetically walking in her calling. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

You’ll never know how difficult it’s been for her to keep her heart in a posture of surrender while experiencing so many highs and lows, checking her pride and ego, gracefully walking away without a word, praying for her enemies, and learning to love her foes. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

She’s been broken in unspoken places yet speaks of her wholeness with Holy boldness. She’s endured unfathomable suffering yet testifies to the saving grace of God. She’s made unmentionable mistakes yet proclaims the mercy of her King. Deep down she knows. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

She’s carried private burdens she’ll never publicly mention but found the key to survival laying on her face for hours. A heart so crucified seeking the face of her Savior, exhorting Him on the mountain, magnifying Him in the valley, and worshipping His name above all names…Jesus. THIS is not just a phase; this is how she thrives. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

Yes! She’s been deemed a radical, but others would have died facing the hell she’s lived on earth. She’s experienced a glory she can’t wait to share, and she longs for others to experience it for themselves. Being set apart isn’t a just a season, this is her lifestyle. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

Do you see her? If not, perhaps your focus on the flaws overshadows the revealing of the new. She’s there within arm’s reach. Who is she? Is she your daughter, your mother, your sister, your niece? Or perhaps she’s your grandmother, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, friend, co-worker, or a complete stranger? She’s you. She’s me. The remnant few who still believe not in religion but a relationship with a Redeemer who promises and provides perfect peace. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

She’s not attending church to be pacified but she’s looking to be fed, to be both cut and stitched because she understands what hemorrhaging can do to those she comes into contact with. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

She’s learned not to pick at healing wounds and how to wear bandages as badges of honor because she’s served the one true King who has already guaranteed her victory. 

There’s a remnant woman on the rise. 

Her armor may be dented but she remains undefeated because she inherently knows the war was won long before she was ever conceived. 

To all the remnant women, arise! 

I send this clarion call to the wailers, the widowed, the worshippers, the handmaidens, the midwives, the caretakers, the nurses, the spiritual frontline responders, the bridges, the intercessors, the called, the qualified, the peculiar ones…the daughters of Zion…the daughters of The One Almighty, All-Knowing God. 

To all the remnant women I say to you come out of your caves. Arise from the ashes. No longer are you hidden in the shadows. I call you in and I call you up. 

Today, remnant woman, arise! 

Nina Barnett
Teacher Nina B., Founder of Fade2Bold LLC.

Nina Barnett, also known as Teacher Nina or Nina B., is the founder, servant leader. and lead teacher for the Fade2Bold LLC, a community committed to building bold believers in biblical truth.

She's the mother of a beautiful daughter who resides in Dallas, TX.

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